We are a CFO for the Individual

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Everybody could use a CFO. Not just big corporations, but individuals looking to make the most of their financial resources. Since 1987, CFO Capital Management LLC [CFO] has been providing clients with confidence in managing their financial future. The CFO team is dedicated to prudent, long-term investment management through disciplined financial planning. What the CFO team enjoys most is the satisfaction that comes from working as the CFO in their clients’ financial lives and being the “enabler” for clients to achieve their goals for current lifestyle, wealth accumulation, retirement and, above all else, providing clients with peace of mind about their investments and financial affairs.

In the rapidly changing economic environment of today, a professionally prepared and executed financial game plan is a necessity. CFO Capital Management LLC combines state-of-the-art financial planning computer technology with a full complement of tax, legal, investment and insurance advisors to provide individuals with excellence in personal financial planning. Working with you as your personal CFO, we can provide financial planning programs tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Plans
  • Income, expenditure & cash flow analysis 
  • Financial & net worth statements 
  • Personal investment portfolio 
  • Qualified plan investment portfolios 
  • Retirement income planning 
  • Personal tax reduction plans 
  • Education funding plans 
  • Estate planning 
  • Corporate executive benefit planning

Risk management & insurance planning for: 

  • Life insurance coverage 
  • Health and personal disability including long-term

Care protection

  • Medical insurance coverage 
  • Property & personal liability protection 
  • Long-term Care Protection

Specialty planning needs such as:

  • Home (re)financing and mortgages 
  • Financing a new business or practice 
  • Buying or selling a small business or professional practice

For more information or an appointment to learn more about the CFO Capital Management LLC approach to financial planning and counseling you in the organization and management of your financial affairs, call us today at (203) 221-0202.