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There's no shortage of get-rich-quick deals and wealth accumulation strategies that over-promise, but will those “poof, you're rich” schemes help you sleep better? For over 20 years, CFO Capital Management and affiliates have been dedicated to providing its clients with investment peace of mind and confidence in their financial future. We believe in prudent, long-term investment management through disciplined financial planning. Our approach stresses the importance of developing and implementing a sound, real-world plan that protects your current wealth while building higher levels of future prosperity. As your personal CFO, we will guide you forward through our hard work, diligence, and agility to meet your evolving personal needs in a dynamic world.


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 —Timothy G. Tymniak, CIS, CFS and Jay S. Cruice, Jr., M.B.A., CFP™, CLU, ChFC, CFS

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CFO 2024 Economic & Financial Market Outlook: April 2024 Update

The U.S. stock market demonstrated remarkable resilience, maintaining its robust performance throughout the first quarter 2024. The S&P 500, representing the 500 largest publicly traded U.S. companies, surged by +10.2%, further building on the impressive +27.9% total return over the past 12 months. The NASDAQ Composite, with a heavier focus on growth-oriented technology stocks, delivered a solid +9.1% return for the first quarter. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), a collection of thirty U.S. large-cap stocks, posted a respectable +5.6% gain over the first quarter, adding to its +19.6% return over the last 12 months....Continue reading


CFO Financial Planning is a disciplined process that can help you accomplish your life goals including taking control of your financial life, making sound financial decisions and ultimately achieving financial independence and a satisfying retirement.


CFO Financial Planning is rooted in and secured by sound, cost effective risk management strategies that help you sleep well at night by protecting your family's financial future against the unforeseen expenses that arise from potential liability, disability, life and other health risks.


CFO Financial Planning – above all else – is directed toward the achievement of our clients' long-term prosperity, which is more than about just wealth accumulation. Prosperity includes the personal enrichment that comes from pursuing good health, maintaining strong family values, and having a solid sense of personal accomplishment and goal achievement.