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Thorne has years of experience helping clients prepare for the unknown while meeting their financial goals. Ask him about:


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Comprehensive Approach

He uses proven investment strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.

Committed to You

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Thorne's mission and values include exceeding his client’s every expectation. Call him today to find out how we can suggest long- and short-term strategies that will help you realize your financial dreams.

Exceptional Service

  Investment management means different things to different people. Therefore Mr. Daimler remains an independent advisor, keeping his customer list short to provide highly customized and catered service to his clients. He only works with individuals, families, and trusts; serving no institutional clients. Investors want to interact, talk, and invest with an individual, not a disconnected team of “financial planners” at a big firm. Mr. Daimler is the account manager, portfolio manager, and financial planner for all his clients. This level of personal service is disappearing in the industry but remains a source of pride for him. His independence from a large firm allows him to provide more value for your fee.

Investment Philosophy

  Mr. Daimler specializes in wealth management for high net worth individuals using large cap growth and value stocks, along with tax exempt and corporate bonds. He promotes a “tax efficient” investment policy, which includes preservation of capital. He also excels in achieving high yields for more income focused clients. Mr. Daimler tailors each individual’s portfolio to meet the client’s specific needs. Most importantly, Thorne has studied and understands the emotional element of investing and favors time tested, fundamental approaches to long-term investing.

A True Fiduciary

  Thorne does not sell mutual funds, annuities, insurance, or other investment products that present a conflict of interest. While insurance can certainly be an integral part of an investor’s financial plan, Thorne believes there is a conflict of interest when an advisor benefits from the sale of such products. Instead, Thorne has a network of vendors that can provide the products with no benefit to him.

Approach to Financial Planning

  Thorne has extensive experience helping clients plan for their goals in life. Using programs like Asset-Map, Thorne can put a client’s entire financial picture on one, easy to read page; bringing clarity to sometimes complicated situations. He creates Target-Maps for anything from retirement and college savings to creating legacy and charitable funds to help clients leave their mark for decades to come. Nothing is better than the peace of mind that accompanies a well thought out financial plan.

Integrity and Trust

  As an investor himself, Thorne understands the needs of his customers. It can be hard to find an advisor who is honest, knowledgeable, and experienced to deliver the results you want. Thorough analysis is done to ensure fee and cost efficiency, liquidity needs, and ultimately goal oriented financial plans are all met. 

Begin Your Journey to a Better Financial Plan


   If you are ready for custom plans created by someone who will get to know you and your family, then set up your consultation today by calling Thorne at (913) 735-5206 or starting your Asset-Map at